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    Curve Bee Pollen for fastest Weight Loss-THE ULTIMATE NATURAL FAT BURNING PILLS

    Sick and tired of not getting the results you want? 

    Are you plateaued? Need a boost?
    Not  getting results at the gym anymore? NO time to exercise? Got fat on the  thighs, rear, arms, belly that won’t let go? Problem solved
    Curve Bee Pollen will:

    • Control your appetite and cravings for sweets
    • Target deep fat stores that you can’t rid
    • Shed water weight, bloating and discomfort
    • Manage your stress
    • Improve your mood naturally
    • Boost workout performance
    • Combat fatigue

    Why IS Curve Bee Pollen different?

    We  have taken time, research, testing on our customer, this new formula  never put together before by anyone to get you where you want to be!

    We  have taken formulary, along side the Pharmacist and lab, to the next  level with a product so great it’s going to melt your fat off !

    Curve  Bee Pollen will provide a cleanse burst of energy and target your hard  to reach brown fat stores, increasing your metabolism,and providing  thermogenic response,(yes, it burns fat..)  SO you can lose the  inches…NATURALLY ! 

    We have tested and tried until we were  satisfied with the fat reaching affect of this product.  We had to stand  out, be effective, and most of all , it has to work ! OR we won’t make  it

    If you miss old fashioned ECA stacks, you need to try  this. Are you using multiple products? Try this.

    Can’t seem to get lean?  We have you covered!

    All while keeping the Bee Pollen for the immune  boost and proteins that our customers have grown to love!




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    Company Name: Bee Extremely Amazed LLC
    Contact Person: Amy Crothers
    Phone No: 18444276553
    Address: 85205 Sportsmans club rd
    City: jewett
    State: ohio
    Country: United States
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    Neurosurgeon develops key to increased longevity

    C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., CEO of International Institute of Holistic Medicine, announces best increase in healthy longevity: 3.5% regeneration of telomeres each year! With the best of health habits telomeres ordinarily shrink 1% every year! Telomeres are the tips of DNA and are essential for healthy life. Dr Shealy has demonstrated in 50 people telomere regeneration with both electrical stimulation and Transcutaneous Acupuncture which uses no needles but specific essential oils to activate the critical circuits. It requires only 90 seconds of time daily! This research has been reported at annual meetings of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and at the Southern Medical Association. And it is now available to everyone.

    The proof of increasing healthy longevity is the latest discovery of Dr. Shealy, a neurosurgeon who developed TENS and spinal cord stimulation for relief of pain and founded the American Holistic Medical Association. Dr. Shealy opened the first nationally recognized pain clinic in 1971, which has grown to be the International Institute of Holistic Medicine, and remains at the forefront in management of chronic pain, depression and anxiety.

    Now Dr. Shealy is evaluating the possibility that simply 36 hour exposure to scalar energy can optimize Adrenomedullin, a hormone which has been reported in the healthiest of 90 year olds to be equal to that of 20 year olds. Scalar energy is considered the ultimate healing energy, a longitudinal wave that is safe and moves at many times the speed of light. Adrenomedullin rises throughout life and is a total body reaction to total accumulated stress. Adrenomedullin appears to be the only biochemical test for optimal healthy longevity. If this proves as effective as stimulating the 3 acupuncture circuits, scalar devices could become a household necessity for optimal health and longevity.

    For more information contact Lacey Byrd at 417-351-5221.

    Contact Detail:

    Company Name: Shealy Wellness
    Contact Person: Lacey Byrd
    Phone No: 417-351-5221
    Country: United States
    Website Url:


    CAREQ Enhanced Notification Service for Long-term Care Facilities Expands into the United States

    Summary:CAREQ-ENS Enhanced Notification Service is an exciting new communication service developed by Breton Smartek. Following an enthusiastic reception from long-term care facilities, CAREQ will be available to facilities in both Canada and the United States.

    January 17, 2016 –Breton SmarTek, Inc. proudly announces the expansion of CAREQ-ENS Enhanced Notification Service into the United States. 

    CAREQ-ENS Enhanced Notification Service is an exciting new communication service developed by Breton Smartek.  Following an enthusiastic reception from long-term care facilities, CAREQ will be available to facilities in both Canada and the United States.  

    The CAREQ Enhanced Notification System is a communication system comprised of voice, text and email technologies.  It will allow care facilities to communicate with staff and families via text, phone, email or all three — depending on which mode of communications is most convenient for each contact.  Through CAREQ, care facilities can contact staff quickly and efficiently in an emergency situation, with the ability to reply.  CAREQ can also be used to send families information about any facility-based emergencies that could affect their loved ones.  The CAREQ Enhanced Notification Service provides care facilities with:  

    • the ability to execute an emergency response plan with unprecedented speed and efficiency from anywhere at anytime
    • the ability to communicate with all staff or specific staff groups in a controlled and efficient way with built-in tracking of response
    • the ability to customize communication to meet specific needs, saving time, effort and resources
    • two-way communication between responders and emergency managers  

    The idea that eventually evolved into CAREQ was the result of conversation between a fire marshal and a long-term care facility administrator about how emergency communications and planning could be improved.  With their experience and perspective combined with the cutting edge technologies of Breton SmarTek, the unique communication needs of long term care facilities were defined.  With the needs defined, Breton SmarTek built a solution to meet these needs.   

    Breton SmarTek is a Nova Scotia-based technology company that is driven by uncompromised ingenuity, local strength, and global expertise.  Drawing upon more than 80 years of collective technology experience, the Breton SmarTek team is fusing industry standard and commercially available technologies to serve the unique communication needs of multiple industries.  With a unique approach and significant experience, Breton SmarTek has become a leader in communication services and emergency response.

    Contact Detail:

    Company Name: Breton SmarTek
    Contact Person: Ian McVicar
    Phone No: 902-442-7588
    Address: PO Box 266 Stn. A
    City: Sydney
    State: NS
    Country: Canada

    Website Url:


    Creative Enzymes Tells You What Enzyme Catalysis Is

    Enzyme catalysis can be regarded as a catalytic reaction between homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions. It can be seen as the reaction between the enzyme and the reaction for formation of intermediate compounds, and it can also be seen as the reaction after the surface of the enzyme adsorbs the reactant.

    What are enzymes?

    It is an organic colloidal substance composed of protein. It plays a catalytic role for biochemical reactions.

    Fermentation also is finished by its role of protease enzyme.

    Enzyme catalysis

    Accelerating or slowing down a chemical reaction by enzymes is called enzyme catalysis. Hundreds of different reactions performing simultaneously in a living cell are accomplished by a considerable number of enzymes. In many cases, small structural changes in the substrate molecule will make the compound loss the ability to act as a substrate.


    Enzyme catalysis shows a characteristic which is not seen in non-enzymatic reaction. It can be saturated with substrate. When the substrate concentration increases, the enzyme reaction rate will reach equilibrium and approach a maximum value of Vm.


    Nearly 2000 different enzymes are known, and at least 200 have been produced with crystals. Most enzymes are proteins(such as pepsin enzyme) whose molecular weight ranges from about 10,000 to more than 1,000,000. They are usually classified and name according to the enzyme-catalyzed reactions.

    Some enzyme activities are determined only by their protein structures, while some enzymes need one or many non-protein components, known as the auxiliary factor. The auxiliary factor can be metal ion or metal complex, or it can also be organic molecule called coenzyme. Some enzymes need both.

    Discovery in nature

    In nature, about 1/3 of enzymes require metal ions as activators. Some enzymes containing metal, like iron, molybdenum, copper, zinc and other transition metal ions, bound to protein firmly to form the active site of the enzyme.

    Understanding various ingenious designed enzyme mechanisms during millions of years of evolution in nature can not only reveal the mystery of biological catalytic process, but also lay a scientific foundation for the use of some principles to develop new and efficient catalysts, and promote the catalytic disciplines—light assisted catalysis, electrocatalysis and photoelectric catalysis.

    Contact Detail:

    Company Name: Creative Enzymes
    Contact Person: Lisa Clara
    Phone No: 631 619 7922
    Address: 45-1 Ramsey Road, Shirley, NY 11967, USA
    City: Shirley
    State: New York

    Country: United States
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    Profacgen Updated Stable Cell Line Construction Service for Protein Expression

    Shirley, NY-Profacgen, a world-leading custom protein service provider for a broad spectrum of industrial and academic clients with a commitment to delivering high-quality data and customer services, is pleased to update its stable cell line construction services. Scientists in the field of protein expression now have access to Profacgen’s latest stable cell line construction service version supported by cutting-edge facilities.

    When large amount of recombinant protein is required, stable expression line construction is recommended for reproducible and cost-effective protein production. Generally, stable cell line construct will take 3 steps: delivery of the target gene into the host cell, screening of stable expression clones, and stability test. 

    For efficient gene delivery and to achieve high integration rate, the company uses lentiviral vector. Limited dilution and antibiotics screening are then applied to select for high-yield, genetically homogenous stable expression monoclones. When fluorescent protein is fused to the target protein, Profacgen can also use flow cytometry to screen for positive clones. To ensure integration of your target gene and stable/inducible expression of the protein, the company provides PCR, qRT-PCR, microscopy, flow cytometry analysis and stability test according to its customers’ specific requests. 

    “We are quite pleased to update our stable cell line service for protein expression to better serve our customers worldwide. High yield and reproducibility, and high cell line stability can be achieved with our updated services. Most importantly, our service is fully customizable.” Commented Crystal, the chief marketing staff in Profacgen. 

    To know more information about Stable Cell Line Construction Service in Profacgen, please visit:


    About Profacgen

    Profacgen provides process development and cGMP manufacturing services for biological active ingredients. We have ready access to state-of-the-art biopharmaceutical product development and manufacturing facilities and our staff scientists have demonstrable expertise in all aspects of biopharmaceutical manufacturing, from facility design and operation to the ability to provide best advice relating to product development. We also save our clients a great deal of time with bioprocess scale-up services. Our fermentation laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art fermentors and bioreactors that enable us to express protein in large scale. Our customers can choose to enter into the protein expression pipeline at any stage depending on their needs.


    Contact Detail:

    Company Name: Profacgen
    Contact Person: Ellen Burns
    Phone No: 631 619 7922
    Address: 45-1 Ramsey Road, Shirley, NY 11967, USA
    City: Shirley
    State: New York

    Country: United States
    Website Url:


    No Need to Endure More Tantrums of Your Wife as Cryo Therapy Will Bring You Back to Action.

  • The two most painful things in my life are arthritis and joint pains.
  • Summary:Recently had a surgery and your surgeon advised a cold therapy treatment. Check out which product is best suited for you.

    Pain is the only thing that never leaves us and makes our life agonising. There are several types of pain we face but joint pains are probably the most agonising conditions that we face in our life time. Now, parting ways with a friend is easy but to bid adieu to the joint pain is something next to impossible. Thus, you need all the care and treatment procedure you can get to get relieve from the pain in the joints.

    The cold therapy has always been revered as one of the most effective treatment procedures in joint pain. Well, even our body joints need to chill sometimes. But the question is how can you get the most effective cold therapy for your joints? Now, burying yourself under the ice is not the therapy that you require for your aching joints; so you need something smarter which will provide you with all the relief that you need.

    Thus, you need to avail the cryo cuffs for soothing your aching joints. Why use cryo cuffs? Cryo cuffs are effective treatment in the treatment of joint pain because it keeps the area around your aching joint compressed while circulating the ice cold water uniformly throughout the area around the joint thereby providing uniform cooling effect across the inflamed joint and ensuring maximum relieve.

    Although it may feel to get rid of the joint in order to get relief but start using cryo cuffs instead, and get faster recovery without having to lose an important body part. Now there are several brands of cryo cuffs available and it is too hard to choose the perfect one.  Choosing your favourite car is much easier than choosing a cryo cuff. Thus, we have selected some brands for you which are revered across the globe for their efficient use:

    1. Aircast:

    Aircast cryo cuffs are more popular than any celebrity to the people witnessing joint pain. The cryo-therapy products sold by these brands are widely used by people throughout the world due to the relief it provides to patients. The Aircast cryo cuffs are available for treating the knee joints, shoulder joints, ankles and waist. These products can be distinguished into two different types: Cryo cuff with cooler (Non-motorised) known as gravity cooler and cryo cuff with IC cooler (motorised). No matter what type of cuff you are using, all of them are compatible and can be used with any type of aircast cooler.

    Aircast has perfected the way it creates compression on different body parts by using an IC cooler. It has only one tube from where the cold water can flow in and out of the cuff, then the question arises how it can keep the intermittent compression going?

    The answer lies in the double walled cuffs from aircast. As you switch on the motor which is hidden in the lid of the cooler, the water flows through the cuff to provide the cold effect. To create compression on the body part air is pumped into the outer walls of the cuff which creates an intermittent compression helping in patient’s recovery process by using dual method of cold compression.   

    Aircast cryo cuff systems are for the masses and priced competitively. Please refer to the chart below.  

    2. Donjoy:

    Like Aircast brand Donjoy has 2 types of coolers classic and IceMan. Donjoy is one of the best manufacturers of efficient cryo cuffs that help to reduce the pain in the joints. The name of this brand has Joy in it thus you totally trust on the well crafted cuffs of this renowned company. The cryo cuffs are designed from an engageable hook material which can be easily wrapped around the inflamed area to keep it under pressure while providing the cold therapy. The cryo cuffs from Donjoy are available in all sizes for knee, shoulder and ankle; moreover, they are highly convenient to use due to the lightweight of the material and its flexibility.

    Unlike Aircast Donjoy coolers have 2 tubes which pump water in and out of the cuff. It is easy to attach Donjoy cooler with the pad by using easy to plug and play technology.A semi-closed loop recirculation system is used by Donjoy which is patented and makes it different from its competition. IceMan cooler boasts of delivering the most accurate, steady and uniform temperature over a period of time. To back it up it also has a temperature gauge.

    The major difference between IceMan and classic cooler is: iceman has clear walls with a temperature gauge whereas capacity to carry more water lies with the classic cooler. The other major difference is the pricing with IceMan holding a clear edge on price.

    3. Breg System:

    The cryo cuffs are the most versatile as well as convenient offerings in Breg’s cold therapy line of products. These cryo cuffs are very easy to use due to their compact design and that is the reason why these cryo cuffs are widely used by the patients witnessing joint aches at home, clinics or hospitals. What makes it more likeable for the customers is that it can be used for availing cold therapy for a long period of time like 6-8 hours with just an initial fill of icy water. The products are highly popular among the patients and are widely used by the people across the world. The superior design of these cuffs make helps them to cover the entire area thus provides maximum cooling effect. Other than few minor problems, the Breg cryo cuffs are absolutely reliable for efficient use.

    An overview of the brands and a chart to compare:



    Sizes and Types available

    Price Range (CDN)





    1.Highly efficient.

    2.Covers the total area and provides uniform effect.

    3.Made from comfortable material

    4.High convenience of use

    5.Available for knee, waist, ankle and shoulder joint.

    1.      Available in all sizes.

    2.      Have two different types

    • Non motorised cryo cuff

    With cooler

    • Motorised cryo cuff with

    IC cooler


    $185 to $250





    1.With a hose stirrup, it is convenient to use.

    2.Can easily control the temperature.

    3.You can obtain prolonged cold therapy as

    It comes in larger size.

    4.Ability to lock lid for 2 sides.


    6.The water stays cold for 8 long hours.


    1.      The storage box has a

    standardized size.

    2.      Cuffs are available in all sizes.

    3.      Have two different types:

                                       ·          Cold therapy unit

    with pads from Donjoy.

                                       ·          Cold therapy unit

    without pads from


    Ranging from

     $292 to $410.





    1.      Consistent in providing custom tailored 

    temperature control.

    2.      Covers maximum area.

    3.      Easy to use.

    4.      The best moisturized treatments ranging

             From 6 to 8hours.

    5.      100% effective and guaranteed relief.

    6.      Available for hip, ankle, shoulder and knee.

    1.      All sizes are available.

    2.      Have one type:

              ·   Cold Therapy system.


    $290 to $340


    Pure some diesel to your old parts and get relief from pain by using cryo cuffs.  There are wide options available in the market, all you need is to perfect pad for the appropriate area and gets your engine running smoothly.

    Contact Detail:

    Company Name:
    Contact Person: Sandy
    Phone No: 1-877-333-4111
    Address: #5 2185 Wilson Ave
    City: Port Coquitlam
    State: BC

    Country: United States
    Website Url:


    Creative Diagnostics Launches New Lab Start-up Program for All Researchers

  • Whether researchers have been awarded new research grant funding, moving to a new location, starting a new laboratory, renovating a lab or expanding an existing lab, Creative Diagnostics is glad to offer them complete support.
  • Summary:Creative Diagnostics released a new lab start-up program to support the research community.

    What is the New Lab Start-up Program?

    Creative Diagnostics’ New Lab Start-up Program is a perfect way for life science researchers’ transition period, as it can get a new lab set up quickly. Whether researchers have been awarded new research grant funding, moving to a new location, starting a new laboratory, renovating a lab or expanding an existing lab, Creative Diagnostics is glad to offer them complete support.

    Why to participate?

    Creative Diagnostics offers a broad line of immunological reagents for biologists’ research needs. Researchers now can stock up on a wide variety of essentials for their labs, including:

    • Antibodies (primary, secondary and control antibodies)
    • Antigens (Viral Antigens, Bacterial Antigens, Fungal Antigens, Parasitic Antigens, Immunoglobulin, Hapten, Cardiac Biomarkers etc.)
    • Elisa kits (ELISA kits for the detection of hundreds of different proteins and molecules including cytokines, growth factors, markers for infectious diseases, diabetes and tumor, drugs and small molecules, etc.)
    • Materials and reagents (gold colloid and immunization adjuvant etc.)

    Who is eligible?

    You may be eligible for this program if you are:

    • Opening a new lab in last 12 months
    • Moving to a new location in last 12 months
    • Renovating an existing lab in last 6 months
    • Newly get your research grant in last 6 months
    • Directed to this program by our sales representatives

    What are the Benefits? 

    • Exclusive discount on the first order on Creative Diagnostics products:
      • Purchase more than $1,500 and get 15% off
      • Purchase more than $3,000 and get 20% off
      • Purchase more than $6,000 and get 25% off
      • Free shipping for purchase more than $1,500 (US customers ONLY)
    • Best-in-class pre and after sales, technical support and service

    How to get started?

    Applicants need to fill out the application form and submit it on the Program web-page following the instructions, and have six or twelve months (depends on the start-up condition) from the day receiving the PIN to make purchases and submit  redemption information. 

    About Creative Diagnostics

    Creative Diagnostics is a leading manufacturer and supplier of antibodies, viral antigens, innovative diagnostic components and critical assay reagents. It also provides contract biologic R&D and manufacturing services to the diagnostic manufacturers along with GMP biologics manufacturing for the biopharmaceutical market. It aims to provide a trusted source for all researchers’ assay development and manufacturing needs. 

    Contact Detail:

    Company Name: Creative Diagnostics
    Contact Person: Thomas Schmitt
    Phone No: 5166698109
    Address: 45-1 Ramsey Road, Shirley, NY 11967, USA
    City: Shirley
    State: NY

    Country: United States
    Website Url:


    Creative Peptides Increased Its APIs Peptides

  • Creative Peptides newly added some APIs peptides products to its present database.
  • Summary:Creative Peptides newly added some APIs peptides products to its present database.

    Creative Peptides

    Creative Peptides recent introduced a batch of new APIs peptides to its present online database to better facilitate the related needs, which is also a step closer to a one-stop peptide supplier. Both the number and variety of peptides at Creative Peptides are increasing, besides the detail information page of every product is optimized by being attached with professional character description and practical applications mainly in pharmaceutical field. Besides, the company introduced several peptides into its featured products line.

    With the unique attribute of being easily absorbed by the body mechanism, Peptide is prone to bring a new round of research spot with great potential in various aspects of pharmaceutical. To meet the needs in the field is the original goal of the establishment of Creative Peptides. At present there are tens thousand of peptides provided by the company. And APIs peptide is just a branch of all products. 

    APIs peptides play a pivotal role in the development of pharmaceutical field. All of the products provided under this category are subject to quality standard -generic standard or cGMP, ensuring their safety to be applied in practice.

    The newly featured peptides include snap 8, calcitonin, somatostatin, ghk peptide and several others. Being featured means they are in rich stock while be cost-effective. As a new plan under conceiving, in 2017 services will also set up a featured section to include services that we are mostly adept at and can be conducted with ease under our staff scientists experience and equipment. Cell-penetrating peptide synthesis and solid phase peptide synthesis are of great hope to be included.

    Author Bio

    Creative Peptides has extensive experience in peptide supply and synthesis to serve needs in academia, research institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical activities. Other available peptides contain cosmetic peptides, catalog peptides, amino acids and so on; and custom peptide synthesis is accessible for a wide range including GMP peptide, glycopeptides, and many other types of peptides. 

    Contact Detail:

    Company Name: Creative Peptides
    Contact Person: Caroline Miller
    Phone No: 5166698109
    Address: 45-16 Ramsey Road Shirley, NY 11967, US
    City: Shirley
    State: New York
    Country: United States

    Website Url:


    BOC Sciences Featured Its Carbohydrate Synthesis

    Summary:BOC Sciences featured its carbohydrate synthesis services.

    In constant optimization on products and services, BOC Sciences added a great number of products and re-grouped them for better searching and information checking experiences. The newly introduced carbohydrate synthesis service has been featured listed by the company as one of its prominent chemistry services.

    Carbohydrate synthesis service as required more frequently by the company’s clients was launched September. With well-trained and experienced scientist team, the services were conducted extremely successful. For its solid background in synthesis chemistry, BOC Sciences decided to make the services in this kind as a new branch of featured services and will investment more to keep pace with the latest progress in the field.

    With the new synthesis advance that can directly change the carbohydrate bond in the process to achieve pharmaceutical variety, carbohydrate synthesis has been considered as a significant method to boost the research and development of pharmaceutical field. Then the trend enhanced the motivation of the company to make the change. 

    BOC Sciences provides carbohydrate services from several aspects covering design, synthesis and characterization of carbohydrate-based molecules both for lab-research and scale-up production needs. To be more specifically, complex carbohydrate compounds can be made by oligosaccharide, glycan, sugar amino acid, glycopeptide, glycoconjugate, glucuronide, glycolipid and lipopolysaccharide synthesis methods.

    By providing both stable isotope label and labeling services, the company is also capable of providing carbohydrate labeling services. Then on the base of rich experience in other aspects, BOC Sciences is also able to offer regarding services including carbohydrate purification and identification services.

    Carbohydrate service

    With over a decade’s experience in chemical providing and synthesis, as well as the endeavor the company put into keeping close pace with the most advance development in the general field and their effort in absorbing the excellent, BOC Sciences sets to provide best solutions while keep them at competitive costs.

    About author

    BOC Sciences is a comprehensive chemical supplier in pharmaceutical, agrichemical and biotechnological field to benefit customers with related needs in academia, research institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical at all stages of R&D and even at industrial stages. With the optimization in services, the company also made some positive changes in its products line like adding inhibitors with rare access including Vitamin D5 and so on.


    Contact Detail:

    Company Name: BOC Sciences
    Contact Person: Linna Green
    Phone No: 5166698109
    Address: 45-16 Ramsey Road Shirley, NY 11967, US
    City: Long Island City
    State: NY
    Country: United States
    Website Url:


    Five Years Post Iraq War’s Official End, a New York Community Is Still Healing

  • The Iraq War had unexpected blowbacks in our own land.”
  • Summary:Te Iraq War continues to have an impact on the French-American community of New York

    NEW YORK – As the Iraq War’s official end on December 18, 2011 marks its fifth anniversary, many questions remain on its fallouts. New York’s French-American community is one of them, as it remembers its blacklisting when France opted out of attacking Iraq.

    Choosing diplomatic pressure rather than “shock and awe” ignited fury for many in New York. The call for anti-French boycotts resonated in tabloids as pictures of New Yorkers spilling wines in gutters vied with accusations of an ally’s betrayal and cowardice. Information can be found by googling “New York’s French boycotts and Iraq,” and “Freedom fries.”

    How effective were the boycotts? “Very much so, even devastating,” says French consulate’s official physician and mental health coordinator at the time, Gérard Sunnen, MD, “the French-American community of New York was stunned by their virulence. Why, many wondered, did they materialize only in New York, in striking contrast to the rest of the country?”

    “Targeted were all manner of French-American businesses, from Air France to bakeries, as rosters of marked companies circulated widely. Earliest felled were restaurants, whose sales plummeted by as much as half. Like dominoes, they closed their doors, dismissing their workers. Called by many the “consulate’s darkest hour,” it went on for weeks, interminable months, and still resonates today.”   

    “As layoffs mounted,” Dr. Sunnen added, “so did their mental health consequences, from all manner of stress reactions to self-destructive depressions. And workers suddenly out of work could not find employment because no one would take them. The consulate’s social services department work load soared to levels never attained before.”

    Faced with this onslaught, the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) was repeatedly contacted to lend the community its medical and mental health assistance. In addition, New York sate and city top officials were insistently asked to add their voice to call off the boycotts. All appeals remained unanswered and, for reasons of non-assistance and abandonment of responsibility, this matter was eventually reported and filed in New York and Federal courts. 

    Dr. Sunnen, who also cites his experience as a U.S. veteran, concludes, “history needs constant reckoning, otherwise it remains a fable. These events are now brought to light so that long-term allies can better understand the meaning of their relationship.”


    Gérard Sunnen, MD,

    Supreme Court, State of New York, No. 102194/2012

    U.S. District Court, Southern District of NY 12 Civ. 3417

    U.S. Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit 13-465cv

    U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) 1:13-cv-1242   

    New York State Division of Human Rights (NYSDHR) No. 10181422

    National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) No. DCA96MA070

    Contact Detail:

    Company Name: Gerard Sunnen, MD
    Contact Person: Gerard Sunnen, MD
    Phone No: 1-212-6790679
    Address: 200 East 33rd Street, Suite 26J
    City: New York
    State: NY 10016
    Country: United States

    Website Url: