Meet Gainsky Investments’ trading team empowering portfolio growth through mirror trading

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Berlin, Nov 2, 2020  – Mirror trading is a method that allows traders to follow and copy the trading strategy of expert traders. Through this type of trading, new traders can now enter a market and trade without prior knowledge. Gainsky Investments offers mirror trading to its clients to help them grow their portfolio without the need for in-depth trading knowledge. Now, the company introduces the expert team that formulates and conducts the trades on this platform.

The first trading team is called the Eagle Trade Team (Red Team) led by Paul Gideon, which uses the Three in a Row strategy. This Gainsky trading team uses Exponential Moving Average (EMA), Relative Strength Index (RSI), and Stochastic Oscillator. The strategy consists of two EMAs with three different period settings (5 days and 10 days), one default RSA and one Stochastic. Using these indicators, traders will be able to become flexible on any market changes.

The second trading team is led by Charles Quinton and is called the Flashlight Trade team (Yellow Team). It uses a “Two Finger” strategy consisting of two famous indicators: Moving Average (MA) and Fractals. This strategy uses two simple Moving Averages with a period setting of 5 days and 22 days. Through these MAs, traders can now see obvious ongoing trends and leverage from it.

The third trading team led by Karl Schmidt is called the Ted Trade Team (Blue Team). This team uses the Fourteen Strategy. This strategy deems to be effective in longer time frames enabling traders to earn money on volatile markets such as digital assets. It is composed of Moving Average with a period setting of 14 days and as high as 200 days. Although this is not the most profitable strategy from the Gainsky team, it has merits for being consistent and safe.

These Gainsky Investments teams allow any type of traders to profit in the forex and cryptocurrency market. These teams are also responsible for growing the portfolio of traders, allowing them to maximize the profit they earn.

About Gainsky

Gainsky is a wealth management and trading service provider led by Ivy League-educated Robert Bentz (CEO), who specializes in financial management. Bentz founded the company in 2018 after sensing a major business opportunity in the digital asset industry. The company is headquartered in Germany but it maintains a growing presence in China and other parts of Asia.

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