Raúl Torres – the future voice of Chilangas and Chilangos outside of Mexico

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For the first time, the community of Chilangos abroad will be able to vote in the June 6, 2021 elections, to elect a Migrant Representative to the Mexico City Congress, who will watch over their rights and needs.

Raúl de Jesús Torres Guerrero was born in Mexico City and has lived in New York for 15 years, holds a BA in International Studies CUM LAUDE from Endicott College in Boston and Paris, he obtained his master’s degree in Political Management from The George Washington University in Washington D.C and has been actively involved in Mexican politics life, carrying the international agenda through the eyes of a Mexican migrant. he is the (PAN) migrant candidate to the State Legislature and wants to be the voice of Chilangos who reside overseas.

Among his initiatives, as a candidate for the “Diputacion Migrante”, he will strengthen the rights of Mexicans living abroad targeting the following proposals:

Renewal of the Driver’s License electronically, so that “paisanos” who cannot return to Mexico City, for whatever reason, can update and have an internationally valid document.

Raul Torres said:

“Center for the Mexicans abroad: Will connect Chilangos abroad with the CDMX. Enhancing commercial relations by connecting services and vendors. Its mission is to show who we are and what we can do economically, commercially, culturally and build a network of human talent to connect with the private sector and change the international agenda as it is known today.

Returned Migrant Fund: of the more than $ 1,700 Million pesos that Mexico City receives in remittances, there are no social programs to support our “paisanos” who return to CDMX. Everybody knows that a migrant who returns to Mexico after deportation finds it difficult to start all over again. With this fund, we will support our returning migrants so they can initiate their businesses, and achieve an active life in CDMX again.

Reducing the Brain Drain: through the Migrant of the Year Award, we will recognize outstanding migrants from CDMX honoring the name of our city. This award will be granted by the Center of Mexicans Abroad, which Board of Trustees will manage a Trust that will lead more Mexicans to study or carry out specializations abroad”.

Sorority Mentor Program: 6 out of 10 migrant women suffer some type of violence. It is time to empower women, by creating a network of sisterhood where a female mentor, who is already abroad, sponsors another woman that is starting the journey. This way, both will break the “glass ceiling”. There will also be guidance and support for their children, nurseries, job creation, and social opportunities, as well as gender violence awareness through an emotional support hotline.

“We must stop seeing migration as something bad, it’s time to raise your voice and show that we are empowered migrants, who want to contribute with ideas and knowledge to our binational community, this is the moment where we must be seen and heard”. – Raul Torres Candidato a Diputado Migrante CDMX

To know more about Raúl Torres’ proposals, follow him here;


https://twitter.com/raultorres_mx https://www.instagram.com/rtchilango_ny/

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