Answerly – Introducing the hottest NFTs on Stellar Blockchain

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Dover, Delaware / SEAPRWire / September 24, 2021 / Recently, Answerly, the crypto-rewarding Q/A platform has announced that they will be introducing 50 NFTs on Stellar (XLM) Block-chain on a weekly basis. Previously Answerly launched their first-ever NFT that, as per official statement, was sold instantly. The company launched a full collection on 22nd Sep 2021 comprising a superhero digital art collection including 49 characters.

The company’s CEO Raza Rizvi believes “Inaugurating a marketplace on Stellar will eliminate high block-chain fees and the world of NFT would be accessible for everyone. Since lesser fees will allow everybody to mint NFT, they can put any price on items that suit their business’s needs.”

Answerly officials claim that they will be releasing 50 NFTs weekly on different themes. The subject can be either abstract, travel, sports, or even super-heroes. In an official release, Co- founder Zain Haider said, “We aim to use the revenues effectively and help them to add liquidity to ANSR tokens and buy them back at a lesser price. In this way, the prices for the Answerly Token will be stabilized.”

As the NFTs are a thing of the future now, it is indestructible, indivisible, and verifiable. Answerly has decided to increase the numbers for NFT which will not only benefit the company but the users as well. The emergence of blockchain technology and being mainstream has enabled people to tokenize their digital as well as tangible assets on the blockchain. For this, they require NFTs. Introducing the latest NFTs on the Stellar blockchain will aid in stabilizing the Answerly Tokens as the use of NFTs is in multiple places like in the gaming industry, licensing of software, and keeping collectibles. Answely tokens have already been listed on some popular cryptocurrency exchanges such as BKEX, Hotbit, Probit, Dex-Trade, and P2PB2B.

Furthermore, the company officials stated that the users will be able to buy NFTs directly from the website by paying through Answerly Tokens. The company is hopeful that this decision will benefit them in the long run and will prove itself to be a great utility for the tokens themselves. The company believes that adding more NFTs will create brand awareness and create a significant rise in the demand for Answerly Token. The advancement of blockchain technology has allowed gaming and the collectible space to become modernized. People not only become owners of the unique assets but also earn money from them. By using Litemint as their NFT, Answerly has managed to gather 50,000 players. Stellar, being a decentralized blockchain-based protocol has started using NFT. It has proven to be an affordable platform to send money to anyone.

Apart from that, Answerly has decided to launch a YouTube Channel that will revolve around topics that are similar to “What If” but in-depth. The channel will release one YouTube video everyday containing a 20-second promo on Answerly, Answerly token, and Stellar blockchain.

About the Company

Answerly is a Q/A platform on which users earn a reward in digital currencies. It is a modernized version of the Q/A platform which not only rewards the writers with good money but also helps people to find the right answers to their questions. The App lets the users earn rewards either by posting questions or by asking answers. Once, the users earn a set minimum amount of rewards, they can withdraw it from the Stellar wallet. Answerly uses Stellar wallet due to the fast, cheap, and hassle-free transactions it has to offer.

Answerly App aims to keep the credibility and authenticity of the answers intact, hence the integrated plagiarism checker. The company aims to attract non-crypto users and implement a system where the users draw ANSR tokens but receive XLM or USD on their Stellar wallets. The process of withdrawal is smooth as Answerly claims to use the services of a very well- known Stellar based project called Lobstr. The platform is also free from self-promoting posts. Answerly generates revenue through advertisements run by the brand. Furthermore, they plan to add a revenue stream in the future by introducing paid premium membership for the users.


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