VINGT.IO Announces The ICO Of VGT

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New York, NY / January 06, 2022 / SEAPRWire / announces the ICO of VGT. The ICO will run from 1 January 2022 to 30 April 2022 or until full subscription.

VGT tokens will be available on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) blockchain and will list on both decentralized and centralized exchanges and trade in the open market post ICO. Total supply of VGT tokens in circulation will not exceed one billion tokens.

PRIME DIRECTIVE: is working towards the creation of a decentralised finance (“DeFi”) ecosystem governed by the Vingt (VGT) token with the aim of bridging gaps in the existing DeFi space. This ecosystem is being initiated with the launch of VGT. This will set the foundation for the creation of multiple innovative projects, all governed by VGT.


VGT investors will command key voting powers on strategic decisions, future paths and overall control of each subsequent project (see below). VGT will serve as the cornerstone and strategic component to each project in this ecosystem.


The ICO will accept a wide array of tokens available on both Ethereum Mainnet (ERC20) and Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) blockchains, as well as native BNB and ETH tokens as modes of payment. Direct subscriptions must come from private wallets and not exchange wallets. Upon completion of the ICO, VGT tokens will be transferred to the originating address of funds.

To purchase from centralised exchanges like or for Metamask please refer to or for a Trust Wallet . Please ensure that the token transfer to Metamask uses the appropriate blockchain (ERC20 or BSC20).


The ICO runs across twenty distinct phases, based on a waterfall model, over a four-month period with 500m (50%) of VGT issuance up for subscription.

Each phase will have a fixed price and limited availability. Once a phase is complete, the ICO moves onto the next phase until all phases are fully subscribed or the ICO’s end date of 30 April 2022. The table below shows the breakdown of each ICO phase along with the associated quantity and price. is creating a digital ecosystem of eight principal projects that bridge the gap between traditional markets and the cryptocurrency space by developing comparable structured solutions.

Notable strategic projects in development

Indexed Products [BSK]

A basket of twenty cryptocurrencies. Investors can benefit from macro exposure to the crypto space while limiting idiosyncratic risks. This basket of cryptocurrencies, represented by the Basket (BSK) token, will be fully collateralized by third-party custodial holding of its constituent assets.

As a one-stop solution for investors looking to hold multiple cryptocurrencies, BSK provides the best of both worlds; diversification benefits of holding a portfolio while minimizing any associated operational burdens by holding a single asset.

Development is underway to launch a series of such indices including categories like Altcoins, DeFi Tokens, On-chain, Metaverse and Index of an Index.


Over the coming months will be launching multiple NFT collections that will be made available on the Binance Marketplace. These smart contracts will create NFTs that represent ownership of valuable digital assets within the Metaverse.

S1-B – A limited run of twenty (20) unique priority cards will be created and released to prospective collectors, each with their respective privileges and rewards. For instance, Platinum members will benefit from higher percentage token pay-outs on ICO launches, more voting rights on existing/forthcoming projects and the ability to liquidate to a pre-determined number of VGT tokens.

S1-E – is the first in a continuing series of computer generated digital illustrations of 8,888 unique images of Baby Tiger. In this series, Baby Tiger will be pictured sporting distinctive attires and accessories as collectibles.

Dynamic Wallets [VGTW]

To safeguard their portfolio of digital assets, investors today are required to maintain multiple online wallets; one per blockchain. Further, they also need to safeguard multiple private keys; one per wallet. This quickly becomes unwieldly, their inflexible nature and limited cross-chain interoperability is ubiquitous. Hardware wallets can cease to function, are easily misplaced and could have undetected vulnerabilities. Exchange wallets are susceptible to coordinated online attacks and are totally under the control of the Exchange. is creating the Vingt Wallet (VGTW) – an online wallet that aims to provide users with full cross-chain compatibility and a comprehensive view across a dashboard display. This will provide full functionality and flexibility in a single user-friendly interface.

Wraps [WRAP] aims to create tailored wrappers that cater to the ever-changing demands of the market; like cross-chain custom built assets grounded on client’s requirements in tokenized form.

Powered by the Binance Smart Chain, bespoke trading strategies will be embedded in each wrapper. This will enable investors to deploy complex strategies through the purchase of a single token.

Custodial Services [LOCK] provides a comprehensive solution as third-party custodial services for holding digital (or) crypto assets. Cryptocurrency investors face issues holding decentralised digital assets over long-term horizons largely on account of different blockchains, unsafe hardware wallets and other crypto management lapses.

To benefit from this service, investors will hold VGT governance tokens within their ‘assets under custody’.

Stable Coins [VUSD]

To provide stability to its ecosystem, is in the process of building a stable coin VUSD pegged to the US dollar. Due to the significant number of projects; a stable coin is indispensable for facilitating transactions at a constant price. This will circumvent fluctuations in settlement price across different assets classes.

Real Estate [TWP]

Launched in December 2021, The Workplace (TWP) is a blockchain based virtual office space where users can create, build, buy and sell NFTs in the form of real estate. Leveraging’s ecosystem, virtual reality and NFTs; users and participants of The Workplace (TWP) gain access to a decentralized platform for virtual social interactions.

The Workplace (TWP) platform’s primary mission is to be part of the Metaverse through a combination of VR and NFTs. It will consist of multiple ‘units’ that can represent offices, meeting rooms or auditoriums. Each unit will have unique specifications within its infrastructure, such as capacity, location and size. These units can be sold or rented out in the crypto space for private and/or commercial activities using blockchain in an encrypted environment.

Token Launchpad [TLP]

Despite the exponential growth of the cryptocurrency market, avenues for blockchain developers to showcase their work remain limited. Innovative solutions are unable to materialise due to limited resources and a lack of direct access to the market. Initial Offering solutions available today operate in a constrained capacity. aims to provide a Launchpad for new tokens with innovative use cases which hold the potential to create an impact in the crypto space. Unlike current projects, that are limited to exchange listings, will provide assistance to developers from inception to delivery for unique end-to-end blockchain products ready for market adoption.


At its core the team consists of several engineers from McGill University, Canada. The team has industry experience of over 20 years in programming, 10 years of banking and 20 years in audit and taxation. This team has successfully created a variety of web applications, ERP and digital market place initiatives together for over a decade and are active participants in the blockchain industry. They have been in the cryptocurrency market since 2013 and possess deep expertise not only as developers but also as investors in this fast-paced field.

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