Trivex lenses are lightweight and durable.

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03/29/2024 – Bangor, PA: Trivex is a pre-polymer material made of urethane. The lens has three main benefits:

  • Visual clarity is exceptional
  • High-performance strength
  • Comfortable ultra-lightweight design

In life, there are always compromises to be made. Even the most powerful computers are not as small as high heels and sneakers.

You don’t need to compromise on the lenses for your glasses. Trivex lenses offer the same safety as polycarbonate and provide excellent comfort throughout the day. Enjoy superior eye protection, sharp vision and lightweight comfort with the same lenses.

PPG Industries manufactures Trivex in the United States. These lenses are available in a variety of designs and features. They include Photochromic and progressive lenses.

Trivex lenses are best treated with an antireflective treatment for comfort, clarity, and aesthetics. This thin, microscopically applied coating reduces light reflection from the front and back surfaces of the lens to give it a clear look.

Lens manufacturers sell the material under a variety of names such as NXT(Essilor), Phoenix(Hoya), or Trilogy (Younger Optics).

This product is designed to provide lightweight protection.

Always choose lenses according to their safety and strength profile. This is especially important for sports eyewear or protective eyewear for children. Trivex lenses perform best in this regard.

Trivex lenses resist cracking and are lightweight, so they’re a good choice for frames without rims. Silhouette International made this one.

Trivex is a material developed by the US military to be used in helicopter and fighter jet windshields. PPG Industries modified the material’s chemical composition in 2002 to be used as optical lenses. Trivex is now one of the most lightweight and impact-resistant lenses on the market.

Trivex lenses offer protection and comfort all in one lightweight package.

Trivex lenses offer 100% protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Trivex and polycarbonate are two different materials

Polycarbonate lenses have been used in children’s and safety eyewear for many years. Trivex is often offered by eyecare professionals as an alternative to Polycarbonate or “poly” lens.

Trivex and polycarbonate lenses have many similarities. They are both lightweight and impact resistant. They are equally suitable for protective eyewear, sports glasses and safety eyewear.

The manufacturing process and their other properties are different. Trivex lenses are cast-molded, while polycarbonate lenses are injection-molded. Cast molding is the same as other plastics or lenses with a high index: a liquid monomer is poured into molds and then hardened in heated ovens. Injection molding is faster: polycarbonate solid is heated and then a liquid injected into pressurized moulds.

PPG Industries claims that the Trivex lenses produced by the slower casting method are sharper than those made using injection molding.

Trivex lenses have also a higher Abbe value than Polycarbonate. This is a measure of the probability that white light, when passing through a lens material, will disperse as its component colours.

Lens materials with higher Abbe values have a lower chromatic distortion. Trivex lenses have 45 Abbe, which is better than the average eyeglass lens material. Polycarbonate lenses only have 30 Abbe.

Wearing lenses with low Abbe values can cause peripheral vision to be blurred or to even appear as if it has a colored “fringe” in certain circumstances.

Trivex or polycarbonate is the preferred lens material for sports eyewear, children’s sunglasses and eyeglasses.

Trivex lenses are more tensile resistant than polycarbonate. It is crucial to drill small holes to attach lenses to minimalist frames that have rimless designs. Trivex lenses are more resistant to tearing than polycarbonate, and therefore less likely to crack at this stage.

The polycarbonate lens has a higher index of refraction (1.58 compared to 1.53). The polycarbonate lenses, especially in higher prescription power, are thinner.

Trivex lenses are thinner than standard plastic lenses. The lenses are 1,50 times thinner. Comparatively, the thinnest high-index plastic lenses available in the U.S. have an index of refraction of 1.74.

Comfort of a lightweight LENS

Trivex lenses are tensile, impact and tensile resistant. They have excellent optical properties. The lenses are extremely light. Trivex lenses are the lightest of all materials for lightweight eyeglasses.

Trivex lenses are comfortable because they reduce the chances of your glasses sliding off your nose bridge. These glasses also reduce the chance of your glasses sliding down your nose bridge.

What can you do with Trivex?

Trivex lenses are not compromised in terms of safety, comfort or strength. However, you will have to sacrifice some money if you decide to go with them.

Trivex lenses cost more than polycarbonate or standard plastic lenses. Trivex lenses cost more than standard polycarbonate lenses or plastic standard lenses. They offer the best combination between comfort, safety and optical performance.

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